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Ceylon Especias Online Business

My experience with building an online store for Ceylon Spices and managing the business. This business had a customer retention rate of 18.5%, with over 300+ active monthly sessions, and a conversion rate of 12.5%. online store
Project Deliverables
Website Design
Branding Identity
Communication Design
My Role
Customer website design
Admin panel development
Project Context
Customer Project
2018 December - 2 months
Ceylon Especias Agro (Pvt) Ltd

What is CeylonEspecias?

In 2019, we launched CeylonEspecia, an online business based in Sri Lanka that specializes in selling authentic Sri Lankan spices. Our product range includes a variety of spices as well as products created using these spices. Though our business is relatively new, we have quickly gained recognition and attracted customers from the USA market. We cater to both wholesale and retail customers, serving the growing demand for high-quality Sri Lankan spices in the American market.
CeylonEspecias Home Page Design
CeylonEspecia landing page.

CeylonEspecia takes pride in offering a range of specialized Sri Lankan spices that are renowned for their exceptional quality and authenticity. Our commitment lies in preserving the traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations, ensuring that our products maintain their original essence and flavors. We believe in sharing the rich history and secrets of our spices, providing our customers with a truly unique culinary experience that captures the essence of authentic Sri Lankan flavors. At CeylonEspecias, we are not merely selling spice products – we are offering a taste of tradition to anyone seeking to experience the genuine flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine.

CeylonEspecias Product page
CeylonEspecia product catalog.
CeylonEspecia product page.

CeylonEspecia Customer website Branding

CeylonEspecias Brandings and font
CeylonEspecias Logo Variations

Digital marketing for the CeylonEspecia

Here are some of the CeylonEspecias posts created for digital marketing.
CeylonEspecias digital marketing images
CeylonEspecias digital marketing images
CeylonEspecias digital marketing images
CeylonEspecias digital marketing images
CeylonEspecias digital marketing images
CeylonEspecias digital marketing images

Admin panel to manage CeylonEspecias?

I developed the Admin panel of CeylonEspecias to manage the back office of the business. From the admin panel, users can manage products of the online store (spices and products), manage orders, manage customers, view revenue reports, and manage advertisements. This is a fully customizable admin panel that can control the customer’s website.
Admin panel home page of CeylonEspecias
Product manage page of CeylonEspecias Admin panel
Product manage page of CeylonEspecias Admin panel
Order manage page of CeylonEspecias Admin panel

Path to success!

We conducted digital marketing targeting the USA for the last 6 months for our brand-new business. We increased our customer retention from 0% to 18.5% and our conversion rate from 0% to 12.5% through teamwork. The business is a success. I implemented Google Analytics tools on the customer website to analyze the data, and the above data was collected through Google Analytics.
Success path of the business (1)

What’s next?

We built this business from scratch into a profitable venture through team effort. I manage the back end and front end, digital marketing, customer support while my team members handle logistics, shopping, and payments. Our future goal is to develop Android and Apple iOS mobile apps for our customers and launch them. 

Experience I gathered

✅ Technical Skills: Website development and platform proficiency.
✅ Digital Marketing: Campaign management and data analysis.
✅ Customer Relationship: Providing excellent service and building relationships.
✅ Problem-solving and Adaptability: Handling challenges and adapting to changes.
✅ Time Management and Organization: Prioritizing tasks and staying organized.
✅ Analytical Skills: Interpreting data insights for decision-making.
✅ Financial Management: Budgeting and tracking revenue.
✅ Creativity and Innovation: Developing strategies to attract and engage customers.

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