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I love to work with entrepreneurs and organizations that work to make a better world.
"I had the pleasure of working with Harshana in outsourcing some of my projects to his company. He is clear and precise with requirement handling and his product design exposure enables him to lead his team well. The products he developed for us has been of high quality and has been well tested. In addition he is very timely on delivery. In addition to his core technical strengths, he is also a very pleasant person to work with. He is not uptight and is very flexible to client request. Wishing Harshana and Nova Tech Zone a bright future!"
Jehan Wijesinghe
Co-Founder - Igniter Space
"Harshana is an outstanding mentor who leads by example. It is a great pleasure to work with a person who is rich in professional experience in the software industry for years. Harshana is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic expert who would willingly to help his team to become better and successful. I'm delighted to work with such inspiring professionals."
Dulanjalee gamagedara
Assistant Manager - Acteil Innovative Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
"Harshana is one of the most cooldown entrepreneur I've worked with. Very high-quality work, deep understanding of web technologies, and excellent attention to detail about what makes great software."
Thilan Lakshitha
Co- Founder - Chamathkaara
"Harshana worked as a software engineer for reputable software firms in Sri Lanka after completing his education, where he amassed priceless expertise in the field. He moved quickly to the position of project manager, where he showed great leadership abilities and led projects to completion while adhering to all project objectives and timelines."
Dr. Lakdimuthu Weerasuriya
Director General - Java Institute for Advanced Technology
"Harshana isn't just a technically exceptional software engineer, he is a responsible, eager strategic, forward thinking and dedicated co-worker. I have always been amazed by his ability to act in a highly stressful environment. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any company."
Anuradha Muthunayake
Senior Software Engineer - Zincat Technologies
"I know Harshana as an enthusiastic, proactive and multi skilled team player. I have had the pleasure of working with Harshana in a client project. He did a great job in supporting me whenever I found an issue. He is always eager to help in anyway to get the job done. He is a quick learner with the ability to take up challenges and he can also adapt to any circumstances easily. His focus holds on to run everything smoothly in high tense situations. I highly recommend him!"
Chathura Ellawala
Senior iOS Engineer - Nitco Solutions Sdn Bhd
"Harshana was a part of my team while I was working in ITES software PVT LTD. We got the chance to work in several project in financial and hospitality domains. He was technically and analytically skilled senior engineer taking the ownership to his job. I have no hesitation to recommend anybody on his professional career."
Sajith Pathirana
Consultant at Virtusa
"I have no doubt that Harshana will continue to excel in whatever he chooses to do. His passion, dedication, and talent make him an exceptional individual, and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to teach him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented software engineer or a dynamic entrepreneur."
Chamikara Jayasinghe
Team Lead at Medical Wizard
"I know Harshana Gamage as a hard-working and very serious team player. Harshana is a great networker and certainly can get my full recommendation. We worked at ITES software in 2014-2016,Harshana gave his best support to complete Hotel ERP project"
Asiri Liyanage
Technical Lead at My Digital Office
"I am delighted to write a LinkedIn recommendation for my friend and former work colleague Harshana. I had the pleasure of working with Harshana for more than four years, and during that time, I found him to be an exceptional team player with a wealth of knowledge in modern technology. Harshana's sound understanding of the latest technologies and his ability to apply them to real-world situations always impressed me. He was always willing to share his knowledge and expertise with others and was an invaluable asset to our team. As a team player, Harshana's contributions were invaluable. He was always willing to lend a helping hand and work collaboratively with his colleagues. His positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile made him a joy to work with. Overall, I highly recommend Harshana for any role in the technology field. He is a consummate professional, a true team player, and an asset to any organization lucky enough to have him on their team."
Dilanka Samarathunga
Tech Lead at Axiata Digital Labs
"I have had the pleasure of working with Harshana Gamage as a Software Engineer and Project Manager in various reputed software companies. Most recently, I have had the opportunity to observe Harshana's leadership as an entrepreneur and business leader at NovaTechZone, a company he founded. Harshana's vision and strategic thinking have been instrumental in positioning NovaTechZone as a highly respected player in the tech industry. His ability to identify and capitalize on emerging technologies and market trends has enabled the company to offer cutting-edge solutions and services to clients across various sectors. Under his leadership, NovaTechZone has become a leader in its field, and I have no doubt that Harshana's entrepreneurial spirit will continue to drive the company's success in the years to come... "
Amila Wickramanayake
Network Engineer - Vsis Information
"Working with Harshana Gamage was fantastic. I found him as someone with great expertise and deep understanding of business solutions. Broad minded ui designer - his exceptional work flow, skills, imagination and understanding of change requests made the project a dream. He leads by example and many people at NovaTechZone find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. He had vision to see the benefits and the passion to turn that into a competitive advantage for NovaTechZone. I could always depend on him to set the best example as ui designer at NovaTechZone. I have always felt Harshana was one of the most effective team mates I have ever had the privilege of working with."
Susil Wijesinghe
Co-Founder - Singlish Verbs App

Those are a few appreciations I received for my service and support during my journey.

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